Duck in Plum Sauce £10.50
Stuffed duck with mined prawn and served in a fruity plum sauce

Szechuan Quails £6.50
In the classic combination of chilli, garlic, salt and szechuan peppercorn salt

Sizzling Chicken £7.50
(a) “Fu Yew” sauce (savoury & spicy, a chinese favourite)
(b) Ginger & spring onion
(c) Sweet chilli

Szechuan Chilli Chicken £7.00

Kung Po Chicken £7.00

Sea Spiced Chicken with Aubergines £7.00

Chicken Fillet in Lemon Sauce £7.00

Chicken in Malaysian Satay Sauce £7.00
A fragrant spicy sauce but not hot

Chicken with Cashew Nuts £7.00
Cantonese style with selected vegetables

Chicken with Cashews Nuts in a Yellow Bean Sauce £7.00
Peking style – coated in a sweet sauce

Sweet & Sour Chicken £7.00

Chicken Fillet in Mango Sauce £7.00

Chicken with Chinese and Straw Mushrooms £7.00

Cantonese Roast Duck £8.50
served off the bone with a light soya sauce

Duck Fillet with Pineapple or with Bamboo Shoots & Chinese Mushrooms £8.50

Duck Fillet in Black Bean Sauce £8.50